Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo – The Next Generation Speaker

The Amazon Echo is much more than a Bluetooth speaker device.

It incorporates the Alexa Voice Service which helps you play music, provides information, news, sports, weather etc. all with your voice command.

Amazon Echo has an incredible 7 microphones designed in a sleek body so that your voice command is heard from across the room and you don’t have come close and speak into it like a lapel microphone.

Furthermore, this feature of voice commands is always active even your favourite song is playing at the loudest volume and you need to check the sports updates. Saying so one may fear that it will pick up any conversation as a command, well that is not the case because before a command you have to say the magic word Alexa and the Echo feature will respond obediently.


Let’s quickly go over the features of this many in one device –

  • Connectivity : It supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. The Wi-Fi has Dual Band Dual Antenna which gives faster streaming with fewer drops.

  • Warranty :  Amazon Echo comes with a 1-year warranty and service.

  • Compatibility :  The Alexa App is compatible with almost all mobile and desktop OS.

  • Weight : It weighs a little over 1 kilogram.

  • Power Adapter :  It also has a power adapter cable and quick start guide.

  • Woofer :  It has 2.5 in woofer and a 2.0 in tweeter.


Saying so one may fear that it will pick up any conversation as a command, well that is not the case because before a command you have to say the magic word Alexa and the Echo feature will respond obediently.

If you want to take things even more forward and buy yourself a whole bunch of these speakers then you can set a different wake word for each speaker, like giving names to your pets.

The 360-degree speaker layout makes sure that every part of your room is filled with music evenly. In terms of new age features, this product hits a home run. Let us get back to the hands-free voice control feature, the feature is provided for Amazon Music, Prime Music, Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio and TuneIn.

Amazon Echo also comes with a customary Bluetooth feature with which you can connect your smartphone. It has a powerful bass sound and crisp clarity. The seven microphones use beam forming technology and enhanced noise cancellation which helps in voice recognition even from a far distance.

Echo is one futuristic device as it is directly connected to the cloud, which means that the more you use Echo the more it gets accustomed to your speech patterns, vocabulary, and preferences. Since it is connected to the Cloud it automatically gets the latest updates. Some of these services are movie showtimes, Samsung Smart Things Support, Google Calender, text-to-speech for Kindle and 100’s of new skills from third party developers.

It doesn’t stop there, Echo can work with smart home devices like lights, switches, thermostats etc. from companies like WeMo, SmartThings, Insteon, Nest, ecobee, and Wink.

To do all of this an app is required the Alexa app works great on Fire OS, Android, iOS, Windows and Mac OS X. You can set up all the smart devices to be controlled from Echo or read from the Kindle library.

The steps to follow are quite simple – first, you need to plug in Echo, then connect with the Alexa App and give voice commands for what you require.

Pros –

√  It has futuristic features, which give it a wide application.


Φ The sound quality can be uneven.
Φ The bass sound is not strong.


⇒ Check Price and Availability   Check Price

Final Verdict
As can be seen, this is a lot more than just a Bluetooth speaker. This is a small command centre through which you can control a whole network of smart devices. It is one device which is mirroring what we will be finding in the future. Its cloud connectivity and constant updates make it a device which will continuously evolve in its functionality. In terms of sound quality as well it delivers a good performance. It is a new age product and if you have a slew of smart gadgets around the house which can be interconnected then Amazon Echo will be a good addition.

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