Top 10 Best Bass Headphones 2018

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Best Bass Headphones 2018- Review And Buying Guide


Most people are oblivious to the fact that Best Bass Headphones add so much to the sound of their favorite music that it can be made into a much richer experience.

The latest headphones with new features like wireless Bluetooth connectivity and noise cancellation give an edge over conventional headphones. Here is an in-depth analysis of the Best Bass Headphones of latest top models from all the best brands. Many times you will find similar features in them but there is always a subtle difference.

For most cases, you will find a bifurcation between headphones with a controlled and balanced sound performance and the ones with bigger bass sound and sharper treble. One must keep in mind that sound performance also depends on the personal preference of the users.

Here is the List of Best Bass Headphones 2018


Product NameNoise Cancelation Rating 
Bose QuiteComfort 35
Editor's Choice
Yes4.9/5 Check Price
Beats Solo 2 Wireless Yes4.9/5 Check Price
Sennheiser PXC 550Yes4.8/5 Click Here
Beats Studio WirelessYes4.7/5 Check Price
JayBird BlueBuds X SportYes4.7/5 Check Price
Sennheiser HD 598 Special EditionYes4.9/5 Check Price
Bose SoundLink II
Yes4.9/5 Check Price
B&O PLAY H8 WirelessYes4.8/5 Check Price
Yes4.7/5 Check Price
Sennheiser Momentum 2.0Yes4.8/5 Check Price

Bose QuiteComfort 35 – (#1.Best Bass Headphones 2018)


Best Wireless Headphone 2017Bose does bring in something special for their audio hardware devices.

The QuiteComfort 35 is an active noise-cancelling wireless headphone. The headphone is slightly on the heavier side weighing in at 10.9 ounces but it isn’t something one can’t get used to after wearing it.

The headband is made quite wide which gives it a better grip in case you decide to take a run wearing them. In technology terms, the noise cancellation of QuiteComfort 35 measures the unwanted sounds and sends it to the digital chips that give an opposite signal in milliseconds thus removing the unwanted sound.

The headset also has a digital equalizing system, which adjusts levels automatically for low volume and high volume conditions.

Let us break down the features –

  • Noise Cancellation : It has advanced noise cancellation that increases the music quality by removing the disturbance.

  • Volume : It has a volume-optimized equalizer for optimum audio performance at any volume.

  • Bluetooth Connectivity :  The Bluetooth can be paired by voice prompts.

  • Battery Life : The battery can last up to 20 hours on wireless mode and 40 hours in wired mode.

  • Microphone : It has a dual microphone with noise rejection.

  • Additional : It comes with a carrying case.

20 Hour of Battery Life 

The Bose QuiteComfort 35 has rechargeable batteries, which have a 20-hour run time on wireless mode. The batteries, however, are not user replaceable. It has a 47.2in cord, which can be used as a wired phone.

The ear cups do provide isolation but it’s a better to use it on power on mode with noise cancellation.

The controls are placed on the right ear cup, from where you can control the volume, play/pause, and answer calls. The QuiteComfort 35 also has a Bose app Connect for pairing it with Bluetooth devices.


The noise-cancelling feature is very effective even when going through crowds and heavy noise environments. In the wired mode, one cannot use noise cancellation or the Bluetooth feature.

There is a slight difference when using it as a wired device and when using it via Bluetooth, the wired mode gives a slightly better sound. Also, in the Bluetooth mode, there is some inconsistency in the sound sometimes.

The high-frequency spectrum seemed a bit too sharp. The bass sounds get a tad bit tighter when used in the corded mode.


√ The noise cancellation feature is good,
√ It has a 20-hour battery life.
√ It can be used as a wired headphone.


Φ The sound quality may not be the best in class.

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Final Verdict

For the price it is offered at, around $350, it does seem like a neat deal. When compared to the best models the sound may seem a bit lacking but it is sufficient quality for a good music experience.


Beats Solo 2 Wireless –  (#2. Best Bass Headphones 2018)

Best Wireless Headphone 2017

These wireless headphones have a sleek design with a glossy plastic finish.

The plastic may or may not look desirable as per your personal taste.

The Headband forms quite a close curve, which can keep the headphones on even if you decide to take a run.

There is a ‘b’ on the side denoting the name of the headphones, but it also acts like a three-button control. The ‘b’ in the middle acts as the play/pause button, the above and below part of the circle are for volume control.

It is a pretty neat design. There is a LED indicator for the battery charge remaining, which can run for 12 hours on a single charge.

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Let us go through some of the main features before we go for a deeper analysis-

• It can be paired with Bluetooth device up to a 30 feet range.

• The acoustics are fine tuned for clarity, balance, and breadth.

• It has a built-in microphone for hands-free calling.

• It has USB 2.0 cable for recharging.


In our main analysis let us deal with the crux of the matter the Sound.

Here the extra bass feature comes in handy if you are going around the city or working out in the gym. These are areas, which are full of low-frequency sounds, so it’s good to have an extra bass feature in the headphone.

Still, the sound quality is not as jaw dropping for the price tag of   around GBP 269, it seems a bit overpriced for the quality offered. It also doesn’t give noise cancellation feature for the external sound, something you would expect when shelling such a price, but there is passive isolation, which does manage to keep out some noise like in public transport.

Best Wirelss Headphone 2017The mid-section frequency sound quite soft and is not as impactful as expected.

The Bluetooth standard is not the latest, the Beats Solo 2 does not support apt-x and high-grade codec for Bluetooth which avoid some sound issues. What this means is that the music is streamed in low quality with SBS codec.

One of the reasons for this lack of technology can be the fact that Apple Computers actually owns Beats Solo and their own devices do not support wireless apt-x standards. This just may be the reason but it doesn’t warrant the price it is being sold at.


√ The design is very good in terms of stability while being outdoors or running.
√ The buttons are well placed and easy to use.
√ The wireless connectivity and range are good.


Φ The sound quality lacks the clarity expected for the price given.

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Final Verdict
The headphone does have a nice design and usability in terms of buttons and wireless. The sound quality leaves more to be desired.


Sennheiser PXC 550 – (#3. Best Bass Headphones 2018)


Sennheiser calls them luxurious headphones well with a price tag of around $400 they are a luxury product.

Best Wireless Headphone 2017These are foldable headsets, which are specially designed for frequent travelers they are lightweight and foldable and gives excellent noise cancellation with the Sennheiser NoiseGard for keeping out ambient sound.

The headphones have a triple microphone array, which gives it good clarity for speech. The sound can be personalized by using the Sennheiser App Captune.

It weighs in at only 7.8 ounces and is one of the lightest and smallest headphone sets. The dimensions are 5.9*3.1*7.9 in.


Let us first see the main features of the Bluetooth headphone –

• It has Bluetooth 4.2 wireless technology, which is lightweight and comfortable to wear.

• The Sennheiser NoiseGard adaptive noise cancellation feature removes the ambient sound.

• The user controls are intuitive and give voice prompts, touch controls, NFC pairing, smart pause and on/off.

• The triple microphone array gives exceptional voice clarity for taking calls.

• The sound modes can be changed as per the tastes of the listener.

• It has a strong battery run time and can give 30 hours of playtime.

The noise cancellation is quite good and performs satisfactorily for different environments but it is still not best in class. Now, this device costs $400, therefore, we will have to laser analyze each and every aspect and compare it to the best to find out whether it is worth it.

The one arena where the PXC 550 is the undisputed champion is the battery life. It can last for a good 30-hours on a single charge. It is perfect for long haul travelers and what more it can be recharged in a stupendous 3 hours flat. The battery performance is quite hard to beat by any top headphone model.

The size of the ear cups is smaller than what you will normally get from other headphones of the same category but it can be a positive factor if you dislike having overly large ear cups. The looks are really sleek and stylish and the product is aimed at the business class traveler who would prefer an elegant and sophisticated design rather than having a large orange, red, or yellow colored headphones.

The carrying case, which is provided, is not well padded but it does have a partition on the inside which protects the ear cups from scratching against each other.

The controls are very interesting and similar to what you have on a laptop touchpad. The right ear cup there is a sensitive touch pad, by tapping it once you can play/pause the music, by swiping the finger up and down you can increase or decrease the volume and you can swipe left and right to either forward or reverse the playing list. This is one of the best features of the headphone and clearly puts this Best Wireless Headphone 2017headphone ahead of others in terms of usability.

The built-in equalizer provides four modes to suit different styles of listening. These are – 1. Off 2. Club Mode 3. Movie Mode and 4. Speech mode. Here the club mode is best for listening to music and the speech mode works well if you want to listen to podcasts or news.

The Bluetooth feature allows it to connect it to two devices at the same time. The users can turn the device on/off by folding or unfolding the cups. The connectivity works so well that once you have unfolded the ear cups you automatically power it on then it instantly starts looking for Bluetooth devices and connects to them before you can put them on. It is done at a really fast speed, very impressive.

The Bluetooth gets switched off when the audio cable is plugged in. Looking at the codec’s side, the PXC 550 also scores well in this regard, the aptX is an audio codec which helps in better quality over Bluetooth streaming of music, Sennheiser has done well in giving this technology.

The Sennheiser App Captune makes the working even simpler and better. The app lets you change between equalizer presets and also lets you make your own custom setting. It seems like a dream compared to other headphones, which just stick to one setting.

The noise cancellation can also be set from this app and one can turn it down to 50% if you desire. Apart from this, the app lets you control all the aspects of the control features. The app has some extra functionality as well like SoundCheck which allows you to set the equalizer in an interesting new way where you can set two choices A and B and can keep refining them as you listen to the music till you get your perfect setting.

This type of refinement is rare when looking at wireless Bluetooth speakers. The speakerphone does give clear sound but one has to talk a little loudly to get through properly.


√ It has excellent sound quality.
√ The equalizer is fully adjustable.
√ The battery is very powerful and charges in just 3 hours.
√ The noise cancellation is also adjustable.
√ The controls are smooth and easy to use.
√ It has a sleek lightweight design.
√ It has the latest Bluetooth technology and fast connectivity.

Cons –

Φ It is expensive.
Φ The mid-frequency range can be a bit harsh sounding.

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Final Verdict
When you are paying $400 for Bluetooth headphones one would expect nothing less than state-of-the-art and the Sennheiser PXC 550 delivers well. It has all the high quality one would desire, only in terms of sound you may find a better headphone out there but it is unlikely it will pack in the same amount of features as the PXC 550.

Beats Studio Wireless Over-Ear Headphones- (#4.Best Bass Headphones 2018)


These are sleekly designed a pair of headphones. It does seem more flexible and curvy than the previous Beats Studio headphone, which was wired.

Best Wireless Headphone 2017The controls have been revamped from the previous model as well. Now, the ‘b’ button on the center of the cup serves the purpose of play/pause, track advance, and reverse.

The packaging provides a USB cable along with a USB charger. The headphones lack extra padding to give it firm noise isolation and the carry bag provided also seems small when trying to pack in the USB cable and charger as well.

The design is about the plastic look and feel. There are no external screws, which adds to the sleekness.


So, before we dive deeper into our analysis let us just skim the features list and see the broad outlines –

• The Bluetooth works for a 30-foot range.

• It has an adaptive noise cancellation.

• The battery is rechargeable and lasts for 12-hours and 20-hours when wired.

• It has a built-in microphone for taking voice calls.

On the underside of the ear cup, you will find a group of 5 LED’s, which will indicate how much battery life is left. The indicators are quite accurate.

The headphone has an advanced dual mode noise cancellation feature, which means there is one for filtering the music and then there is another for canceling the external sound. This gives a good clarity level in any type of condition. Now, for the sound quality, the Beats Studio actually sounds better when it is connected via Bluetooth. What this does is that it pulls back some of the sharper treble sounds and makes the sound more balanced.

The sound signature, however, is not consistent when the volume is turned up. The bass performed well in all volumes and was quite tight. For users who are looking for accurate studio sound then this Beats Headphone may not bring the right picture.

The Beats Studio like other Beats headphones gives a more thump in the bass and sharper treble, kind of like being in a music concert due to its dynamic compression effect. It would have been better if there was a noise cancellation feature turn on and turn off button and you could make some adjustments to the sound signature.


√ The Bluetooth sound quality is good and keeps the excessive treble in check.
√ The Bass is well controlled at all volumes.
√ The battery can play up to 12 hours.
√ The design and controls with LED’s are sleek.


Φ The sound signature varies with the change in volume.
Φ There is no wired play option when the battery goes out.

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Final Verdict
The sound with dynamic compression feature gives it that rock concert feeling it is a good headphone if you are into music genres like rock and heavy metal. The rechargeable batteries are a much welcome change from the previous models where you would have had to change the batteries every week in normal listening. The price is a tad bit higher at $350 but if the sound quality suits you, for which you will need some good modern rock music, then it is definitely a good buy option.


Jaybird Bluebuds X Bluetooth Headphones- (#5.Best Bass Headphones 2018)


Best Wireless Headphone 2017These are well-designed headphones and come with a lifetime warranty against sweat. The headphones are steady to wear and users can go ahead for their favorite sports activity wearing them.

The headphones are modeled to give an exceptional sound and comfort no matter how much rigorous training is being done. The headphones compress the sound bytes but still deliver high-quality sound.

The Jaybird Bluebuds X has PureSound technology that improves the auditory performance. The positioning of the ear buds is also different from conventional headphones.

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Let us look at the basic features of this Bluetooth Headphone and further our analysis –

• It has shift premium audio to give enhanced Bluetooth music performance.

• The Bluetooth uses SignalPlus technology to keep the connection even with obstructions.

• It has a micro sized battery but it can give an impressive 8-hour playtime.

• There are different holding points with the ear buds to give a better hold.

• The dimensions are 5*2*7 in and it weighs 8 ounces.

The Bluebuds X uses an X-fit design which attachés to the top of the ear, back and bottom part of the ear, giving it a nice steady hold. You can actually test out the hold by jumping around and will find it to be quite a good fit but with long distance running, they do become a bit loose.

The Jaybird Bluebud comes with three different sized buds to deliver the right fit. The headphone has one more feature called SignalPlus, which is used to eliminating signal blocking even if your Bluetooth device is placed at a far distance or there are some obstructions placed.

Best Wireless Headphone 2017These are one of the lightest and smallest Bluetooth headphones in the market and are very easy to carry. The Bluetooth connectivity also gives a strong point as there is a good strong connection even if you have your Bluetooth phone in your pocket and at a distance.

The loss in audio quality is as expected when you are not using an over the ear headphone. The soundscape is mostly flat but still balanced in terms of highs and lows. The bass sound is enough and the high section is clear.

The look of the device is quite outstanding and they look very stylish when worn in the gym, on the road or when backpacking. When tested with running they did slip out every now and then even being held from the top and behind the ear.

A good solution is to buy isolation earphone tips, which are quite effective in keeping them the plugs in place.


√ The sound quality is quite good.


Φ The biggest problem the users faced was the holding capacity of the headphones when doing an intensive activity.

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Final Verdict
If you are just looking for headphones, which can play out a good quality sound and don’t have the requirement for heavy duty use then Bluebud X are a good choice. Although, if you are a regular marathoner and need a pair of headphones to stick on your ears mile after mile then you may have to make some adjustments and buy ear plugs. On the whole, the product gives good quality for the price it is offered at.


Sennheiser HD 598 –  (#6.Best Bass Headphones 2018)

Best Wireless Headphone 2017The HD 598 from Sennheiser provides high-quality sound fit for audiophiles.

The headphones are also incredibly comfortable having a nice and cushiony leatherette headband.

There is plenty of cushions on the ear cups as well with velour covered cushions. Before we go further into our analysis one thing can be surely said that these headphones will be very comfortable to wear for long durations and with the Sennheiser brand, we can at least expect an above par sound.

The overall build is quite classy by using premium materials, which are good for luxury and quality.

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Let us look at the main points briefly and start to explore how good this headphone really is-

• Sennheiser has engineered transducers, which use aluminum voice coils, which give high efficiency in terms of sound quality. It also reduces the sound distortion.

• It has EAR technology, Ergonomic Acoustic Refinement, which is used for channeling the sound right into the ear giving an ‘in-room listening experience.

• It is lightweight and extremely comfortable.

• The dimensions are 4.1*8.1*9.4 in and the weight is 1.3 pounds.

Now let us dive deeper and see how the HD 598 really holds out. The headphones are not really meant for sound isolation and there will be noise from outside if you are in a noisy environment.

For the bass sound, it is not the most powerful you can find but it does give a sense of solid consistency to all volume ranges. This is quite predictable of Sennheiser headphones where the bass is kept controlled and constant.
These headphones are open backed the speakers are covered by metal grills.

These open headphones are more open to sound as well but the sound impact is also less. The bass is quite powerful and enough for any audiophile.The durability is quite good and the band does not crack even after consistent use for long periods.


√ The design speaks volume for comfort.
√ The sound is clear with good bass.


Φ The looks may not be for everyone and some may find it a bit bulky.

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Final Verdict
The headphones give enough sound quality for the price around $140. The comfort factor is really great and they can be worn for long periods.


#7. Bose Soundlink  II- (Best Bass Headphones 2018)


Best Wireless Headphone 2017The Bose Soundlink wireless headphones promise freedom and convenience. Well, that is what Bluetooth was built for in the first place. So apart from that Bose also gives immersive sound quality with clarity in all sections.

The built-in microphones provide clear calling ability. No matter how much we analyze the features these are a pair of beautifully designed headphones, they come in two color combinations- one is completely black and the other is a mix of beige and white color.

The built-in microphones provide clear calling ability. No matter how much we analyze the features these are a pair of beautifully designed headphones, they come in two color combinations- one is completely black and the other is a mix of beige and white color.


The headphone does look really impressive from the outset so let us look at the main features-

  • Triport Technology : The Bose Soundlink uses a combination of Triport technology and Active EQ.

  • Microphone :  It has an advanced microphone system, which performs well even in windy or noisy conditions.

  • Connectivity : It can be connected to two Bluetooth devices and there can be switching between them. Like if you are watching a movie on one device and receive a call on your phone, then the headphone will pause the movie and answer the phone first.

  • NFC Enable : For NFC enables devices connectivity can be made by simply tapping the right ear cup.

  • Sound Quality : There is an enhanced side tone to make it sound more natural.

  • Design : The product is very sleekly designed. The dimensions are 1.8*6.5*7.9 in and the weight is 6.9 ounces.

  • Battery : The lithium ion batteries are quite strong and can run up to 15 hours and even just 15 minutes of charge can give you 2 hours of playtime.

  • Voice Prompt : Just like other Bose devices, there is a voice prompt, which gives information about device connection, battery life and caller ID.

  • These headphones are available in two colors Black and White. The headphones provide ample amount of comfort and fit easily. They are also incredibly light at just about 7 ounces. The impact resistant material has been used to give the headphone some amount of durability, which includes glass filled nylon and corrosion–resistant stainless steel.

The headphone, however, does not have active noise cancellation like in the case of other high-end Bluetooth headphones. The control buttons are on the right ear cup. Tapping the middle of the control button allows call answering. It can also serve to forward or reverse the song currently playing.

For the call answering microphones, Bose brings it special technology called Adaptive Audio Adjustment, which uses a two-way microphone system. The system provides an intelligent way of automatically changing the volume as per the ambient noises and speech level. The feature works well even on noisy streets with clarity at the other end.

It comes with a carrying case, which has a pocket to store the USB charging cable and headphone cable to charge in case the battery finishes and you want to resume listening in wired mode.

The battery run time is above average at 15 hours and there is a quick charging mode from which you can charge your battery for only 15 minutes and it lasts for a good 2 hours. Like in the case of other Bose devices, there is a female voice prompt to guide you through the process of Bluetooth connectivity and also gives the amount of battery charge left at the start.

Best Wireless Headphone 2017The Bluetooth technology being used is pretty top class with Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC tap to pair technology. It has a multilink technology, which enables it to connect to multiple devices at the same time and allows you to toggle between them.

Now for the sound performance, the Bose Soundlink wireless headphones do pack in a satisfactory performance for most users. The focus is on delivering a smooth sound performance rather than having powerful bass and sharp highs.

For users who listen to hip hop and electronica genre they might find the sound a bit too plain. Still, Bose has put in enough of sound processing features such as Volume optimized EQ, which optimizes the sound quality at different volumes. You do lose some of the bass at lower volume.

Another tool called Active EQ helps in making sure that the incoming signal is accurate and complete, like in the case when sometimes you have low-quality audio files this tool helps in smoothing things over and come up with the right sound.
When using it on the wired mode there is a slight increase in volume range.


√ It has a comfortable design.
√ It has a good battery runtime and a fast recharge time.
√ The sound quality is even.


Φ It is not for a heavy bass and sharp sound, which is preferred in some genres.

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Final Verdict
There is no doubt this is a sleek looking good sounding Bluetooth Headphone and even though it doesn’t have active noise cancellation there is still good noise isolation. Other features like the voice calling and battery runtime makes this product good for long period use. It is priced at about $230 and at that rate it is a good enough product. Then again how you value this headphone will also depend upon what kind of taste in music you have.

B&O Play Beoplay H8 Wireless On-Ear Headphone with Active Noise Cancellation- (#8.Best Bass Headphones 2018)

Best Wireless Headphone 2017These are exquisitely designed wireless headphones. They are elegant and sturdy, with metal and a leather headband.

The ear cups are particularly eye-catching with plush sheepskin and foam. It is expensive, though, that style comes at a price, and it’s around $450 tag. So with this wireless headphone, we have headed into the high-end spectrum of Bluetooth headphones. Is it really worth all the jazz?

Well yes and no. There are some very impressive features, which are of high quality but there are a few flaws as well.
So, without further ado let us see what this beautiful looking headphone packs in- –

• The BeoPlay H8 weighs only 255 grams.
• The body is made of anodized aluminum and natural leather. It is one of the lightest and best looking headphones available in the market.
• It has active noise cancellation technology. It has two microphones, one placed on the outside of the ear cushion and one on the inside.
• The ear cup has an aluminum touch interface on the outside. It allows for control of all the features.
• It comes with a 2-year limited warranty.
• The battery can run for 14 hours.

The looks of this headphone are just amazing and it has a rechargeable battery, which can run for a good 14 hours. The ear cups have anodized aluminum and also acts as a touch interface. It responds well to touch but you may play or pause the music accidently while taking off the headphones.


Best Wireless Headphone 2017The headphones come with the aptX codec technology, which improves the quality of Bluetooth streaming, it doesn’t however, work with apple devices. There is a thick carrying pouch to keep the headphones in. The wired mode works as well as the wireless mode. One can also note that if you are using it on wired mode then the battery can run up to 35 hours while keeping the noise cancellation on.

The sound quality is nothing short of superb. So there’s bass and lots of it with deep sound. The midrange has good clarity. The treble sounds may be a bit sharp, but activating the noise cancellation feature can smoothen them down.

There is a minor issue with the range of connectivity with the Bluetooth though, it works better when you are carrying your phone on the same side as the right ear cup side of the headphone.


√ It has one of the best designs in the segment.
√ The anodized aluminum ear cups are excellent for controlling the music.
√ The battery life is good and can be extended to 35 hours when used in wired mode.
√ It has an excellent deep bass sound and good clarity.


Φ Even for the high price, it doesn’t give EQ options and custom EQ settings.


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Final Verdict
This is definitely the headphone to go with a bottle of champagne. The sound quality and comfort also score big. So, it does deliver on its high price tag, a few weaknesses are there but they can be worked around quite easily.


Sony MDR 10RNCIP  –  (#9. Best Bass Headphones 2018)


Best Wireless Headphone 2017These are noise canceling wired headphones giving a rich listening experience.

The headphones have a good battery life, which would be expected from a wired headphone device.

The headphones do give an excellent music quality.

These headphones are very comfortable to wear and one can imagine oneself wearing them for long periods and even actually falling asleep in them.


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Let us look at the main functionalities –

• It has intelligent sound optimization. Which gives the headphones a deeper bass experience.

• It comes with a unique Dual Noise sensor technology, which can reduce the ambient noise levels by 99.7%.

• The battery life can go up to 20 hours with rechargeable batteries.

• The product dimensions are 8.2*3*10.2 in and it weighs 7.3 ounces.

• The ear cups have an extra cushion, which makes them very comfortable to wear.

The headphones promise a good sound quality and we must that even if it isn’t the best but for the price, it is offered at, the sound quality is quite good.

The Dual Noise Sensor technology works well and cancels most of the ambient noise. There is a passive listening mode, which enables the headphones to work even when the batteries have been exhausted. The Digital Technology used in the product does its thing and does deliver an impressive audio performance.

The noise cancellation mode can be activated by a simple push of a button, then the headphone will analyze the environmental ambient sounds and accordingly place corrections in the processing. It has a 40 mm driver through there is a balanced, broad, and accurate sound.

Best Wireless Headphone 2017

There is a beat response control design as well, which delivers a tight deep bass sound, which is perfect or today’s music genres such as electronica and hip hop.

The cushion wrap around the ears acts as a pressure reliever and also helps in increasing the impact of the bass sound. The headphones provide clear mid section sounds and good high-frequency spectrum as well.

The membrane is made from special crystal polymer, which gives clarity to the most demanding sounds with utmost clarity.

The headphones are lightweight and well designed and therefore also very portable.

The noise cancellations modes give three options – Airplane, Bus, and Office taking care of the variable degree of ambient noise.


√ The headphones are very comfortable to wear. The pressure they exert on the head and ear is very less.
√ They are provided a hard carrying case, which gives it good safety and also make them easily portable.
√ The noise cancellation technology works very well and performs to the mark in all environments.
√ The battery life can go up to 30 hours at the medium volume level.


Φ There are headphones with better sound quality in the market.
Φ The price is also a tad bit higher.
Φ The plastic build material looks quite unsophisticated and average.
Φ The noise cancellation doesn’t keep out the higher frequency sounds.

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Final Verdict
The technology used in these headphones such as the Dual Noise Sensors is quite top quality, even though it doesn’t work a full 100% but then it is highly unlikely we will find a headphone in an affordable range capable of doing the same. For some music lovers the sound may not give the loud bass effect but then that is a personal choice. So, all in all, it is a good quality product which impressive features.


Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 – (#10.Best Bass Headphones 2018)

The Momentum 2.0 is another step in the Momentum series, which combine style and performance. It provides Best Wireless Headphone 2017wireless functionality along with noise cancellation.

It has a very trendy design with an all leather headband and well-designed ear cups on stainless steel rails. There are some changes from the previous model like the frame is now collapsible.

This makes the device more portable and also the ear cups have been made larger giving a better fit. The soft leather ear pads make them very comfortable to wear and can be worn for long periods of time.

There are new technological advances as well with the Bluetooth and noise cancellation.

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Let us take a closer look at the features-

  • Battery : It has a 22-hour battery run time.
  • Built-in microphone : It uses two built-in microphones, which improve the voice quality and remove ambient noises.
  • Noise-Canellation : It uses active noise cancellation with the Noise Gard technology. There are 4 microphones to induce noise isolation.
  • Warranty :  There is a 2-year warranty.

The Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 uses the aptX codec for Bluetooth enhancement. It works with almost all Bluetooth-enabled devices.

It is very comfortable to wear and there is a carrying case provided. The headphones can be easily folded and fitted into the case. The ear cups are also larger and softer than the previous model.

The Momentum 2.0 has a tap-to-pair technology for all compatible devices. The headphones can also be easily used in the wired mode with enhanced battery performance.

The controls are situated on the right ear cup, nothing new in this regard as it is similar to other headphones. They are easy to operate being touch sensitive.

Just like the other Bose models of headphones Sennheiser has also made the Momentum 2.0 with voice prompts giving basic indications of power on/off, Bluetooth connectivity, and how much battery life is left. Now, some users may find this redundant information after a while and may prefer to switch it off, but that provision hasn’t been given as yet.

Now, some users Best Wireless Headphone 2017may find this redundant information after a while and may prefer to switch it off, but that provision hasn’t been given as yet.

The range of the Bluetooth is quite steady and can work up to 33 feet distance. Now let us get to the main analysis of the sound performance. The noise cancellation feature is not very heavy but the problem is that it cannot be turned off as is the option in some other headphones. Saying so, the noise cancellation feature works quite well even on crowded streets and the dual microphone works very well for making calls.

You will actually be able to hear your own voice inside the headphone, which is a good idea, as you will get an idea of how loud you sound.

Sound :  The sound profile is very textured and the bass is quite tight. This is a headphone made keeping the sound balance in mind as none of the sound frequencies are out of line. There is a bit more sparkle to the sound on the wired mode and the noise cancellation remains on.

One thing with sound quality with Sennheiser Momentum is that it sounds better with tracks which have a higher level of recording.


√ It is a comfortable and well-designed headphone.
√ It can be folded and becomes compact.
√ It has the latest technology for noise cancellation.


Φ The headphones are bit expensive and come in the higher range.
Φ The active noise cancellation feature cannot be switched off.

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Final Verdict
This is one excellent Bluetooth Headphone providing the perfect mix of features with high-quality. It is just a tad bit overpriced but we would expect that for any headphone giving a high-level performance

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  1. In the past to get quality bass sound for your musical enjoyment, you had to have large expensive speakers or bulky, heavy, and uncomfortable headphones. With the advent of technologist, scientist and engineers have shrunk the size, weight and increased the comfort level today in using headphones.

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